All About Soul Mortal – Earning, Relationship and Rumours

Real NameNaman Mathur
Birth Of Date22 May 1996
LocatedMumbai, Maharashtra, India

Soul Mortal aka Naman Mathur, born and brought in Mumbai. He started his youtube career from Mini – Militia but not popular at that time, and later he joins PUBG Mobile with a name Soul Mortal and used to play on iPad, which gives him an edge over his enemies.

Soul Mortal Income

Soul Mortal is one of the most popular PUBG Mobile streamers not only in India but in other countries as well. He earns a decent amount of money from his Youtube Channel which has more than 5 Million Subscribers. If we talk about other income sources then – Sponsor Ads, Super Chats ( Money Send by viewers directly ) make Mortal deep pockets guy. Recently, Mortal crack a deal with the One Plus and Omlet Arcade which a big achievement.

Soul Mortal Net Worth

Mortal’s income increase, a lot in COVID-19 situation as most of his subscribers are at home and love to watch him play. According to our team Soul Mortal earns between 14000$ to 47000$ per month approximately, it depends on the number of ads watched by the viewers, not on video likes and subscribers.

Soul Mortal YouTube Earning

As I already mention he started his career from Mili Militia and become a professional player during PUBG MOBILE. Now he gains more than 15000 subscribers every day and his profile verified on most the social media (Blue Tick). Here I suggest you take a look at Mortal’s best ever video.

Soul Mortal Relationship and Controversies

Most asked question on Mortal’s live stream, according to rumours Soul Mortal is in relationship with Raven and she also plays PUBG Mobile and streams as well.

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